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The Week with Roger - Roger Entner EPISODE 14, 21st December 2020
This Week: More Antitrust Trouble for Big Tech
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This Week: More Antitrust Trouble for Big Tech

0:27: On December 16th, ten states filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

3:18: Google allegedly worked behind the scenes with Facebook to manipulate bidding.

4:20: Facebook was required to release emails to the states regarding Google.

7:00: Google made themself the middle-man in the name of “privacy”.

8:32: Apple outed all the data collection that Facebook does on iPhones.

9:37: Asymmetric Competition - defined.

10:38: Apple has its own worries about antitrust with its App Store.

11:30: These companies are the biggest companies on Wall Street; what could happen if they are hurt too badly?