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Choosing Between Employment and Entrepreneurship
Episode 226th March 2024 • Real World Entrepreneurship • Alan Clarke
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Welcome to Real World Entrepreneurship with your hosts, Bhairav Patel and Alan Clarke. This episode delves into the Modern Entrepreneurial Landscape and the pivotal question, 'Should You Start a Business?' Today's episode guides you through the thought-provoking terrain of start-ups, exploring the role of technology, support networks, post-COVID realities, funding challenges and the different scopes of entrepreneurial ambitions.

Throughout this episode, Patel and Clarke delve into the vast impact of technological advances on entrepreneurship. With AI, cloud computing and an array of digital tools, launching a start-up has become more accessible and less expensive. However, the ease of access and a vast expanse of support systems can be a double-edged sword. Serial-entrepreneurship, the effect of post-COVID repercussions on traditional support systems, and the new realities of investment are discussion points that they scrutinise.




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