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Exploring Relationships with Exercise
2nd February 2022 • MyoMinds Podcast • George Mycock
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Disclaimer - In this podcast we talk about exercise addiction and eating disorder experiences, as well as other forms of negative mental health. Please take care if deciding to listen.

In this episode of the MyoMinds Podcast, I speak with Clinical Psychologist Dr Sarah McDonald. Sarah specialises in eating disorders and works in an eating disorder service. Sarah and I share experiences with eating disorders and poor relationships with exercise as well as a deep interest in the topic of both.

In this podcast you can expect discussion surrounding:

  • Sarah's experiences with eating disorders and exercise addiction.
  • What exercise addiction is.
  • How we might differentiate between addiction and just a "love for exercise"
  • How we tackle the prevalence of exercise addiction (estimated to be in 8% of gym goers)
  • The role of a psychologist in helping those with exercise addictions
  • and more!

This episode's Devil's Advocate question: "There's a plethora of research that clearly shows positive mental health responses to exercise, why would psychologists try to stop that?"

Please remember that no episode of the MyoMinds Podcast can be used as a replacement for medical advice and/or care.