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Mental Health and the Match
Episode 2731st January 2022 • The Post-Graduate Pharmacist • Sean Smithgall & Taylor Steuber
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How do you handle all the stress of going through the ASHP Match? This episode we hear again from repeat guests who experienced the match first-hand. We uncover some of the anxiety and anticipation that most people experience and ways to deal with all that waiting!

This week on the Post-Graduate Pharmacist hear from two current residents, Macy Wiggington and Devan Rockwell. Macy is a PGY1 resident at the University of South Alabama University Hospital in Mobile, AL, and Devan is a PGY2 in ambulatory care at the University of South Alabama Health Physicians Groups in Mobile, AL.

This episode’s take-aways:

  1. There is going to be a lot of waiting and anticipation, keep yourself as busy as possible updating documents and preparing for any scenario
  2. Have others help you talk through your rankings to see if they make sense
  3. Remember always rank based on your desires, not on what you think programs will rank you as.
  4. Stay positive, you'll find your path even if you are not successful the first round of matches.

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