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Social Media Activism and the Importance of Fighting for Change | Dr Shaina Lipa
Episode 98th October 2020 • Medical Matrix • Carmel Sound Lab
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The social fight against injustice and several institutional issues has been taking place for decades, but due to the COVID lockdown and social restrictions, our screens have created a focused space to highlight the fact that we need to stand up for our beliefs. Entire generations have come together to raise their voices against what feels unacceptable in their hearts, but inside the euphoria, it is certainly easy to make it about the performance and social praise, instead of actually taking action to move the needle towards social improvement.

Today’s episode is very special, as Dr. Rosie Sendher and Dr. Erica Fisk are joined by their inspiring colleague Dr. Shaina Lipa, to have a discussion around social media “activism”, the double standards of the medical ecosystem, and whether professionals should “censor” their personal lives for the sake of professionalism. Dr. Shaina Lipa is an orthopedic surgeon dedicated to the improvement of health and health care disparities. She is an inspiring figure for her peers and community not only as a professional, but also for the person she has become, as she is not shy or apologetic about standing up for herself and others. Dr. Lipa believes in the power of social media as a platform and encourages others to use it for good.

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