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Interview with Audio Alchemist, Steve Keller - Part 2
Episode 201st April 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Here’s the second part of my fascinating interview with Steve Keller. In it, we dove into how brands can harness the power of archetypes as well as what Steve calls the three pillars of return on sonic investment.

We also discussed:

  • Music’s impact on our perception of meaning
  • How music soundscapes and noise affect the healthcare industry
  • How consumers’ experience of products often differentiates brands more than the products themselves might
  • Psychophysics—how our perception of reality is a combination of sensory inputs
  • Using sound to affect other senses
  • Carl Jung’s utilization of archetypes in psychology
  • Both the science and art of sound—that they’re not at two opposite ends of a spectrum, but rather they’re two sides of the same coin
  • The importance of brands being intentional and making educated choices around sound
  • The problem of brands failing to make decisions based on the importance of sound, even though they understand the important role sound plays
  • How critical it is to devote time and energy to audio branding in addition to visual branding  
  • Steve’s desire to inspire younger people to move even further with the current knowledge and research around audio branding

For more information about Steve Keller, check out You can also follow him on Twitter at @AudioAlchemist_ (that underscore is important) or find him on LinkedIn at

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