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Congregation Beth Hallel and Rabbi Kevin Solomon - Congregation Beth Hallel EPISODE 58, 17th April 2021
Trust Fall: Don't Worry, He Will Catch You
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Trust Fall: Don't Worry, He Will Catch You

When times of distress come, we should first turn to G-d. While we can fail ourselves and people can let us down, G-d is completely trustworthy. Join Rabbi Kevin Solomon as he takes us through an incredibly insightful account of what happened when the Assyrian army surrounded Judah (2 King 18). G-d moved for King Hezekiah and the people of Judah, and G-d can move in your life!

2 Kings 18.19-22, 28-30; Psalm 20.8; Isaiah 30.1-3; 31:1, 4-5; Hosea 14.4; John 12.44-46; Heb 11.6

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