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YOUR WEDDING BUDGET: 8 Ways You're Overspending
Episode 1610th June 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Welcome to the Step-by-Step Wedding Prep Podcast - The weekly show where we teach you everything you need to know to plan your wedding like a pro! 

On today's episode, we're tackling the big subject of wedding budget and discussing 8 areas where you can be (and probably are) overspending. Many people refer to the areas I mention in today's show as "money-waster's", but I see it differently. If it's something you really want, then it's not a waste of money because it means a lot to you.

However, these are areas you need to pay close attention to because if you don't stick to your budget, or do your research ahead of time as to how much things are really going to cost, you could end up spending more money than you need to. You can ABSOLUTELY have all the things mention on today's show at your wedding, I just want you to make sure you have money for them

I discuss...

  • The right way AND the wrong way to plan your wedding budget
  • How making a "NEED" list and a "WANT" list are critical for you keeping to your budget
  • The common ways couples overspend and why
  • Questions you should be asking yourself to help you stay on budget
  • One item that can cost you upwards of $450 - $600 that might end up wasted at the end of the night
  • The one thing you can easily make that can save you money
  • The dangers of "one-and-done" items, and what some of them are

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