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Interview with Lisann Valentin: Actor, Author & Amplifier
Episode 13921st September 2022 • From Embers To Excellence™ • David R. Hollenbach, III
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From Wall Street to red-carpets, Lisann Valentin is an empowered empath and a 5th generation Shaman (Boitiu) in the corporate world and entertainment industry. With mindfulness at the forefront, she amplifies her clients' gifts with shamanic life coaching for the world's empaths, creatives, leaders, and healers.

This is an incredibly powerful conversation that lends more information and explanation to conversations I have had with Tier 1 special operators, mental health professionals, and neuroscientists. Lisann brings her wisdom developed through her experiences to this interview. Definitely one of my favorite interviews. Be sure to listen to the end and join the discussion through email or comments on social media.

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