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Episode 91st December 2021 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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In this episode’s Battery Blarney segment, George Pedersen and Allen Byrne talk with hosts David Neubert and Andrew Charlton about their take on innovative technology that is shaking up the industry. They discuss information about innovation in the battery world from valve regulated lead acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries. They also share their opinion on the importance of recycling these batteries and the charging system. 

On the second segment of the show, Andrew continues the conversation with Alex Smith who is the Chief Technology Officer at a startup company called Moxion. They talk about the replacement for temporary power for diesel generators which is what the company is trying to build. 

Episode Highlights:

2:37 The problem we have is, it’s not that we don’t have innovation in the battery world, but the biggest problem is that the industries are very slow to accept anything that hasn’t been around for 20 years. 

7:26 You can call it disrupter but it was simply the evolution to meet a requirement. 

13:45 I think there are a lot of limitations with what they’re going to be able to do. 

14:34 The maintenance on the lithium-ion batteries is not that stable at the moment but the big thing about them is this alone is a lot of development. 

22:38 Maintenance is a challenge for a lot of industries at the moment. 

29:22 One of the things he predicted is the use of Wireless Transmission of Power. 

33:04 One of the biggest challenges in the industry is to find some way of recycling lithium-ion batteries the best way. 

53:37 Interview with Alex Smith

56:17 We really started with the temporary power need. Is the technology mature enough to provide a temporary power supply that can run long enough, be transportable and economical?

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