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An Interview with Seth Deitchman: Tireless & Passionate Veterans Advocate
Episode 1415th August 2020 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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This episode of Veteran Voices features Seth Deitchman. Seth was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and now resides in Johns Creek, GA. Professionally he is Associate Vice President, Financial Advisor and Alternative Investment Director at Morgan Stanley, based in Metro Atlanta. His practice focuses on “Needs Based Investing” in helping clients meet their needs and achieve most important goals. Prior to his 13 years in in the field of Wealth Management, he worked for Fortune 500 Hundred companies like Hewlett Packard, BF Goodrich, Marvel Entertainment and Viacom as well as some smaller companies. His career also consisted of running a small business as a Life, Career and Business Coach. Seth earned his Bachelors of Science in Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University as well as his MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix in Santa Carla, CA. 

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