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Motivation “Runday” Monday – Leslie Gold- Strides in Recovery – Los Angeles, CA – 4/5/21
Episode 544th April 2021 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners!

Motivation Runday Monday features a unique runner each week that gives a motivating running message that will get your running week off on the right foot!

This episode featured runner is Leslie Gold, founder of Strides in Recovery, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that helps individuals overcome addiction through running and exercise. Leslie is fantastic and is making a difference. I will be releasing a full episode soon with an in-depth conversation with Leslie, members of Strides in Recovery, and runners through the Beacon House in San Pedro, CA.

Runners, you too can be a part of Motivation "Runday" Monday and be featured on an episode. Instructions and questions that you can answer, in your own words, can be found at There is a link to record up to a 5-minute message you can do from your laptop, computer, tablet, or even your phone. And if you need more time, go back, click and record up to another 5 minutes.

Motivation "Runday" Monday is about runners motivating other runners! So consider being a part Motivation "Runday" Monday podcast. Your words will inspire other runners! And please share this podcast episode with your running friends.

Have a fantastic running week!