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Episode 264th March 2021 • The Shop and Chivalry Podcast • Brian Belford
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Welcome back to another show. My guest may surprise you. Over the previous four years, this administration leading Ocean Springs has come into a few controversies. Two stick out. The Mary C. debacle and the unity March. A voice often heard with city leaders is my guest today, Elizabeth Feder-Hosey. Elizabeth Feder-Hosey is an attorney specializing in child welfare cases. She has a tenacity for getting things right. She felt compelled to take a stand on issues relating to the Mary C. She was treated a bit unfairly, in my opinion. The woman I saw in my studio is a class act. She’s well informed, well spoken, and formidable in her ability to develop sound arguments around issues she’s passionate about. Elizabeth has some wonderful ideas about Ocean Springs and I’m confident she possesses the ability to reconcile the divide between philanthropic organizations wanting to make the arts successful in Ocean Springs, and the city. In my opinion, this is absolutely necessary. The arts in this city are part of the soul and spirit of this wonderful town. She harkens back to her graciousness for the Friends Board of Directors, past and present who have done so much for Arts and Culture in our community.

Everyone please welcome, Elizabeth Feder-Hosey

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