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"Real Stories of a Crime Scene Investigator: Holding onto Hope in the Darkness" - w/Dr. Rhonda Williams
Episode 714th December 2021 • Life & Leadership w/Daniel Kitchel • Daniel Kitchel
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Dr. Rhonda Williams has seen the darkest sides of humanity. She has a storied career with the OSBI working crime scene investigation. Rhonda will take us through some of the most challenging cases she has ever worked on and the long-term effects they have had on her life.

How do you hold onto hope in this world when you have seen humans act so horribly towards one another? Rhonda will answer this question and many more in this often difficult, wide-ranging, inspiring conversation.

Rhonda overcame much on the road to getting her Doctorates in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Oklahoma. There were setbacks and many hardships, but she stayed the course and finished. While Rhonda is incredibly passionate about her career, she is most devoted to her family and faith. She will pull back the curtain on her personal life and share incredible wisdom on marriage, parenting, facing a cancer diagnosis, and so much more.

With a refreshing undercurrent and essence of hope, Rhonda reminds us all that we can overcome.


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Dr. Rhonda Williams - The University of Central Oklahoma

Published work by Dr. Rhonda Williams - Forensic DNA Collection at Death Scenes