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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 50, 8th March 2020
Flipping the Script & Flipping Your Life

Flipping the Script & Flipping Your Life

It's our 50th episode and we're celebrating with a special episode featuring our own Deb & Carol! In this episode they share some lessons learned, what's transpired since the show launched and what they're excited about right now. 

Deb flips the script on Carol and asks her about how her life experiences led to her coaching business as well as what makes her coaching business a little different than the norm. During the course of the conversation they also discuss some of their childhood experiences as well as the Divine Breadcrumbs that have brought them to where they are now. 

Carol and Deb also discuss The Divine Breadcrumb's new program, Life Flip, how it originated, what it entails, and what they hope the impact will be. Carol and Deb made big life changes in their 50s and want everyone to know that ANYONE can make a change. It's never too late and you don't have to start from ground zero. Life Flip is all about building on the wisdom and experience that you already have!

Thank you to all our listeners! We hope you enjoy this milestone episode!  

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