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Interview - Graham Stewart from Fiber52
Episode 622nd March 2023 • Textile Talk • Gail Cowley
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Joining Gail on this episode is Graham Stewart, who is an international textile and apparel production fibre specialist.

For the past two years, Graham has developed and patented a more sustainable process to bleach and dye cotton called Fibre 52.

Fibre52 is an environmentally kind and cost-conscious process for dyeing cotton. It is a simple, inexpensive replacement for traditional and outdated cotton preparation methods. It uses natural products instead of heavy chemicals, working at lower temperatures, with less energy, less water, and a shorter processing time. This makes Fibre52 a wonderfully cost-effective, eco-conscious and sustainable bleach and dye process.

All this means that consumers will soon be offered a more natural and ecologically sound choice of fabric. With Fibre52, the natural cotton is stronger, recyclable and biodegradable, making it a natural replacement for plastic.

You can find out more at Fiber52 and more about School of Stitched Textile's creative textile courses




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