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How to Target with YouTube Ads with Marcus Svedin, Founder of Titan Marketer
Episode 5023rd September 2023 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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Why should I be using YouTube ads?

Marcus Svedin, Co-Founder of Titan Marketer, explains that YouTube ads work because people are on YouTube to learn and are not just absentmindedly scrolling like they are on Facebook.

When you use YouTube ads you are able to target your audience and truly niche down who is viewing your ads.

Listen to the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact with host Shay Wheat as Marcus shares how Titan Marketer develops ads for themselves and their clients using a 4 part formula.

Writer Downers

1) 8:00 Higher quality leads

2) 13:50 Don't Copy paste use this formula instead

3) 18:50 Everyone is searching for truth and authenticity

Marcus drops a diamond at 21:00 as he explains how he is not only targeting people who click on specific sites but who have log-ins to those sites. Targeting your specific market just got a whole lot easier!

Marcus Svedin is a former industrial electrician, but now an entrepreneur and marketing consultant who has created his own 7-figure online business. Marcus is the marketing director of Titan Marketer, the company he co-founded with Benjamin Jones.

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