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Light Up Your Worth Podcast: Sacred Soul Assignments
Episode 1311st December 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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What are Sacred Soul Alignments? What does it mean to allow time to integrate vs processing emotions with energetic healing? Our host, Debbie McAllister, and her guest Elysia Hartzell is the creator of the extraordinarily powerful Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality discuss how science-based energetic healing can change your life, understanding the importance of our own self-healing, Sacred Soul Alignments and so much more. 

She has guided thousands of people from around the world to walk the sacred path of their soul’s calling as they rise up to embrace their innate healing gifts and skills. Elysia's deepest purpose and desire is to teach, heal and support anyone who is called to the light -- healers, seekers, creatives, and lightworkers -- those who want to experience self-healing on the deepest level and also those who are called to heal the world.

Debbie McAllister is a Spiritual Transformational Coach and Light Up Your Worth podcast host.

She helps women in transition identify and overcome blocks to realizing their most heartfelt desires so they can move forward with confidence in rebuilding a new and radiant life.

As an intuitive, she is honored to be an Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner™, The Journey™, and a Usui Reiki Master along with other healing modalities.

Debbie offers recorded energetic healing meditations to clear out the limiting subconscious beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, & release negative habits, interrupt & healing generational trauma, and lovingly guides you through the process of transition.

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