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90. School Bullying in Dramas vs. Real Life | When Our Faves Fail Us | Feat. Prof. CedarBough Saeji
20th March 2021 • Dramas Over Flowers • Saya, Anisa, and Paroma
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Welcome to our special edition of What's Up in Dramaland, with Professor CedarBough Saeji. We ask CedarBough to share her thoughts on the bullying scandals, how dramas compare with real life, and what the role of fandom is during times of moral crisis. TIMESTAMPS: 00:02:17 Introducing Professor CedarBough Saeji 00:04:33 Perceptions and prevalence of bullying in Korean schools 00:06:03 Overview of actors accused of school violence 00:13:27 The difficulties presented by S. Korean defamation laws 00:15:44 The celebrity-corporate ecosystem, and the socioeconomic value of a clean reputation 00:21:54 What do accusers want from the accused? Who else has a stake in the outcome of these allegation, and how does it affect the investigation? 00:25:23 Why now, and why is bullying such a hot button issue with the general public? What does society and "the discourse" owe to victims? 00:30:44 Hierarchy as a societal problem, and school life as the learning ground for negotiating pecking order 00:36:04 Competition and academic success: who becomes a bully in Korean schools, and what has celebrity got to do with it? 00:45:13 As a fan, what is an appropriate response to have when you learn about the wrongdoings of an actor you like? 00:51:26 International fandom, and doubling down on expectations of celebrity perfection 00:53:21 Is there a path to redemption after celebrity wrongdoing? How to make a comeback, and gender differences. 00:58:05 How jealousy moves mountains: the Tablo scandal, and struggling to survive "Hell Joseon" 01:01:01 How should dramas themselves/the industry respond? Situating ourselves as fans and outsiders. 01:05:06 Concluding remarks --- Further reading: Prof. CedarBough Saeji: The Seungri Scandal and South Korea’s Gender Disparity: South Korea’s Corruption, Exposed by Burning Sun: CedarBough on Youtube: CedarBough on Twitter: James Turnbull: In the News: Korean Celebrity, Ethnic Nationalism, and Beauty Ideals: Just beautiful people holding a bottle: The driving forces behind South Korea’s love of celebrity endorsement:'s_love_of_celebrity_endorsement Other: The Tablo Scandal: Further reading referenced in the episode: Shin, Haerin (2015). Tablo and Spectatorship. Choi, J.B. & Maliangkay, R. K-Pop - The International Rise of the Korean Music Industry (Ch. 15). Routledge. --- Our Remarkable Patrons Are: Egads, Steven, Lia W., Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Saoirse10, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi, Jojo, Rue, k8ekol, mindy, Liliana, Edyth, Marcia, unatuna, Dr. Chi, Lesley H, G. K, Lynette, Vani, Helena, Staci, Hanna, Eazal, Natalie, Sarah H., Frances, David F. and newcomers Julia, Yu Jin Young and O'Lakes! Our most heartfelt thanks to you for making episodes like these possible. ❤︎ Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us at Support us on Patreon at or by leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice, or simply by telling your friends. Dramas Over Flowers is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. Episode edited by Saya.