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Ep. 204 - Sacred Acoustics: Connecting with Inner Guidance + Releasing Emotional Trauma through Binaural Beats with Karen Newell
Episode 20421st March 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today we welcome Karen Newell to the show! Karen is the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, alongside Eben Alexander (listen to our episode with him here), an author, and empowers others in their journeys of self-discovery. There’s so much that goes into sound, spirituality, and consciousness, and Karen does an incredible job at teaching and helping us understand it all. She shares how to enter and engage your own consciousness in order to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition. In our conversation we talk about what people experience when they incorporate binaural beats to their daily practice, the spiritual connection that is created when listening to the sounds, and the different types of brain waves we experience. Karen also shares with us her thoughts on using sound and tone for ADD and ADHD, and we hear all about Karen’s book, Living in a Mindful Universe.


We also talk about…

  • How Karen began using sound in her meditations
  • Meeting her different spirit guides + connecting with them
  • Astral traveling + out of body experiences
  • Why we chant and om in yoga practice
  • Stored emotional trauma


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