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No More Room in Hell – Episode 35 - Equinox (1970) and House (1977)
4th August 2021 • No More Room in Hell Movie Podcast • Dark Discussions News Network
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Welcome back to your summer destination for the weird,

It's NMRIH #35

On this episode Mr. Venom, Mike, aaaaand Derek have a riot sharing their thoughts on a couple of movies that possibly inspired Evil Dead, 1970's EQUINOX & 1977's HAUSU aka HOUSE. For regular listeners you may recognize this as a callback to a similar theme from an earlier episode covering a couple movies inspired by Evil Dead! First we catch up with some movie's we've been watching, cover a handful of news items and finally see the return of the burning question segment discussing the fine line horror (and cinema) fans claim to be inspiration verus ripoffs. Enjoy, and stay cool out there!





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