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Alicia Johnston: Understanding Context
Episode 52nd July 2021 • Enough Room • Dan and Jo
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The Bible is a collection of books written by different authors from different centuries, cultures and even languages. So how do we find the answers to the questions we seek around the Bible and LGBTQ+ affirming Theology.

Whether you are a LGBTQ+ Christian, a concerned parent or a friend looking for answers, this is a question we all face when we approach the Bible.

As special guest Pastor Alicia Johnston takes us further into the Bible and LGBTQ+ affirming theology, we reflect on the importance of context and understanding the Who, Why and When of scripture. When we take Bible verses out of context, we end up making the Bible say things it was never meant to.

Alicia states that "Part of our calling as Adventist Christians is to seek out the truth that God has revealed in scripture. That’s our heritage. That’s our history. And that’s still our responsibility."

Join Dan and Jo as they continue their conversation with Alicia and begin their journey into the some of the most challenging questions in the Bible.

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