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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 65, 21st March 2021
Ep 65: Developing Your Mental Toughness with Tommy Hackenbruck
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Ep 65: Developing Your Mental Toughness with Tommy Hackenbruck

On the show today, I have Tommy Hackenbruck, a multiple CrossFit Games Competitor and top-10 finisher. He finished second in the 2009 Games and won the 2012 Games in the team competition. Tommy also played linebacker on the University of Utah, Fiesta Bowl Championship Team.

Listen in as Tommy gives his tips on maintaining your ability to sprint and improving your cardiovascular capacity in general. He then explains how he built up his mental toughness over the years, defining it as “the ability to remain calm under extreme or uncommon circumstances”, and why staying in shape has always been key to doing so.

Tommy and I discuss the value of a coach, especially for aspiring athletes and first-time gym-goers, and why newbies should not be setting expectations for themselves at the beginning of their fitness journey. Finally, we dive deep into the differences between true mental toughness and bottling up your emotions at the expense of your long-term mental health.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:22] Tommy’s background
  • [10:58] Maintaining your capacity to sprint
  • [14:45] Developing your mental toughness
  • [28:28] Setting yourself up for success in any type of training
  • [35:45] Distinguishing mental toughness from showing no emotions
  • [49:12] Rekindling community in 2021


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