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Ep 109. Are You A Global Citizen?
29th October 2020 • Travel N Sh!t Podcast • dCarrie
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It’s a celebration!!! We made two years, y’all! Thank you for rocking out with me over the last 109 episodes. The love and support you’ve shown me has helped me power through the work it takes to consistently bring you a new episode every week. Love y’all for real 💛 In celebration of two years, I added a theme song!! Special thank you to WILDLY talented artist Abe ( Http:// )for creating and producing not one but THREE custom Travel N Sh!t theme songs! Each week I’m gona bless y’all with a new one and I need your help to decide which one will usher in the show going forward. Email me at and let me know how you’re feeling about em!! This week I piggyback off of last week’s phenomenal episode with @exprezioni and discuss how we as a collective living in this here 2020 view our relation to the rest of the world. I touch on performative allyship, supporting the communities we visit outside of vacation spending, our personal levels of activism and more. As always, dive in y’all. For 10% off your Travel N Sh!t merch, join my mailing list here: Be social! Host:    
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