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300: Mike Handcock and Landi Jac - Self Discipline Leadership
Episode 30011th May 2022 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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In this special 300th episode, my guests Mike Handcock and Landi Jac and I discuss the need for leaders to adapt to changing times. We tackle how consistency is key to building a strong foundation, and how trust is one of the key conditions that need to be met for a company to be successful. Listen as they share the lessons learned when it comes to trusting one’s intuition and internal compass, as well as the need to prepare leaders for war.

Mike Handcock is the Chairman of the Circle of Excellence Group and Landi Jac is the CEO. The Circle of Excellence Group is accredited by Education Alliance Finland at the same level as major universities. The group has over a dozen awards in Business & Speaking, including a 2020 APAC Award for Conscious Eco Leadership and the 2020 Global Speakers Federation Presidents. Mike and Landi are authors of over a dozen books in Business & Mindset including 3 Amazon #1 and 6 International Best Sellers. Trademarked Technology, gathered from over 2300 global events and an Accredited CPD Point provider. And last but not least, they are Co-Founders of the Conscious Leadership Movement and Five International Companies with clients in over fifty countries they have visited.

Jump right in and listen as Mike, Landi, and I break down the ways leaders can act more responsibly in a world full of noise and disruptions.

In this episode:

  • Mike and Landi stress the importance of consistency in one's actions and the need to adapt to change.
  • While 45% of leaders prefer working from home, they are 33% more effective when they are in the office.
  • The lack of trust can lead to problems such as decreased efficiency and decreased customer loyalty. In order to build trust within an organization, it is important for different departments to communicate with each other and to have a trusting relationship.
  • In order to prepare leaders for war, you need to focus on resilience skills, which are essential in any type of war.
  • Leaders need to be aware of the war raging within themselves and learn how to be resilient in order to survive.
  • There is always going to be noise in the world. The important thing is to control our attitude and focus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistency and adaptability are key traits of effective leaders today
  • Work-life balance is changing and self-discipline is more important now than ever
  • Trust is a key condition for success in any business
  • To face war, build on your resilience
  • COVID-19 was out of our control, but we could still control our attitude and focus

Tweetable Quotes:

“In the past two years, we've noticed working from home, the incredible frustration around it because your intent gets completely muffled.” - Landi Jac

“When you get up in the morning, and you want to feel a certain way, or you want to achieve something, are you going to put energy and effort and activity and using your word consistency into that white wolf and make the positive [side] grow and the impact grow, or are you going to feed that black wolf?” - Landi Jac

“You need to trust and back yourself 100%, not what any government media or something like that is telling you is going on in the world because you actually know what's going on in your world, and that's more important.” - Mike Handcock

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