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Unpopular Opinions in Games and Alejandro Segovia's top games of 2022 ft. Alejandro Segovia
Episode 3614th December 2022 • The Single Player Experience • Sebastion Mauldin @SDM3
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Alejandro Segovia's top games of 2022

The Single Player Experience has been looking back at 2022 and coming up with the best and worst releases of the year. Offering a fresh take is today’s guest, Alejandro Segovia, a lifelong gamer, video game journalist and co-host of The X Button podcast.

He discusses his thoughts on a ton of games that came out this year, and his soft spot for the groundbreakers (even if the sequels might be better). You’ll also learn his unpopular opinions about Saints Row and Gotham Knights, what he thinks about 3D games, and where Nintendo stacks in the competition for best game releases.

Alejandro shares his top games of the year, a couple good remakes, plus a multiplayer game for when you need a break from solo gameplay. Then, Sebastion tests his skills in a fun game of quick-fire nerdy questions.

If your game backlog is lookin’ a little scant, listen in for recommendations in enough genres to keep you busy adventuring!

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