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421: Freeing Energy, Bill Nussey's education on the Clean Energy Transition
Episode 4212nd December 2021 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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The transition to clean energy is moving far too slowly. Trapped by a century of fossil fuel investments and politicians that struggle to plan beyond the next election, the “Big Grid” that powers our modern world is outdated and in dire need of an upgrade. Bill Nussey is on a mission to understand how this transition will benefit us all, especially with regard to what he refers to as “Local Energy”. In his brilliant forthcoming book, “Freeing Energy”, Nussey explores the history and future of the Grid, why the coming infrastructure and investment wave is the biggest we’ve ever seen, and goes VERY deep into how you can play your part! Bill has been a friend and mentor to SunCast since he started this journey 4 yrs ago, and he asked Nico to interview him for this in-depth backstory on how & why the Freeing Energy book came to life, why you need to read it, and even where we think you’ll find the best nuggets if you’re a longtime #SolarWarrior! Bill Nussey is a career tech CEO with three successful exits, including an IPO. He has also been an investor with venture capital firm, Greylock. After IBM acquired his company, he became IBM’s VP of Corporate Strategy, helping lead the company’s overall strategy. As a CEO, his companies have raised more than $400 million, created thousands of jobs and billions in shareholder value. The journey to write this book began with his 2017 TED talk, which grew into 100+ articles and, most recently, the popular Freeing Energy podcast.

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