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Toby Cubitt, Phasecraft: Paternity leave
Episode 3712th October 2021 • Startup Dads • hx | hyperexponential
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Have you thought much about paternity leave? Most of us just accept the status quo, but today’s guest has other ideas. Toby Cubitt is a father, academic and the founder of Phasecraft: a cutting edge quantum computing company.  

Toby has also put down a lot of his ideas about paternity leave online  - the current state of affairs, what other countries have done, what the future could look like - and he shares these thoughts with us today. 

The episode also covers the (actual) most common reason startups fail, recognising recurring ‘red alerts’, and catching them before they scale along with the rest of your business.

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This week’s Startup Shout Outs:

Oxford PV - Technology for more powerful, more affordable solar.

A Fascinate Production.