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Why you want to explore your energy aka practice REAL self-care with Kristen Wilson
Episode 251st June 2022 • Living Free & Fulfilled • Katie Bock
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Energy powers everything in this world including you! Have you ever felt completely depleted but keep pushing forward? Or perhaps you were actually forced to stop of rest and realized pausing is a lot harder than you thought? Either way self-care doesn’t look the same for everyone and it looks different for you in different moments. Exploring you own energy is essential to your freedom, fulfillment, and living an authentic inspired life. Katie and Kristen share their stories about practicing REAL self-care and how you can do the same.


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Action Step:

Create space for yourself this week to do a daily 2-minute check in and then take at least 2 minutes to give to yourself what you need. If you are feeling up for sharing tag us in a post or story on Instagram or Facebook tell us how you are practicing REAL self-care this week! (@katiebockyoga @liverealinspired)


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