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Speed of Implementation: A Podcaster’s Secret Weapon
Episode 2519th April 2021 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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In this episode, I’ll talk about why it’s so important for you to take action immediately in implementing that podcast idea that you’ve had for a while now. As I’m sure you know, podcast listenership keeps growing tremendously with roughly 90 million Americans listening to a podcast each month. This is really enticing for you as a business owner. Right? And you’ve been learning to start a podcast so you can reach this growing audience and expand your business through content marketing, but you just can’t seem to be able to do whatever’s necessary to launch that podcast.

Well, the problem is slowness in implementation because you’re stuck in analysis paralysis. One of the biggest hindrances to success in podcasting is the fact that some podcasts don’t even get to launch in the first place because the podcasting idea is stuck in someone’s mind. That’s a problem that so many potential podcasters fall prey to. They will have the idea and even seek help from an expert like me, but once they have the relevant information, they shelf the idea and take months or years before they start implementing things. 

The problem with that is that the podcasting industry keeps evolving constantly and what works in the space today might be totally irrelevant tomorrow. One even ends up finding that someone else took action faster to launch a podcast in the niche that they were interested in. What a bummer! This is what I wanna address today so listen in to the episode to get the tips and tricks that will help you take the drastic and uncomfortable measures to kick yourself into the implementation mode that will launch you towards success in podcasting. Enjoy!

Show Highlights

  • Helping over 300 podcasters produce and monetize their podcasts over the last six years (00:28)
  • One of the biggest no-no’s if you are looking to start a podcast (02:04)
  • Why you need to take action and keep moving to determine where you’re going (03:36)
  • Avoid over-analyzing, overthinking, and over perfecting, and instead start ugly, implement, and iterate (06:33)
  • The harm of trying to do everything for your podcast (07:29)
  • Doing what you need to do to kick your own butt (10:19)
  • Investing in a team to help you produce and manage your podcast to avoid the costs associated with podfading (11:43)
  • Getting out of your comfort zone in order to implement and maintaining focus and accountability (15:42)
  • How I set big goals and build systems and structures around them to ensure that I achieve them (22:40)

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