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You Rising! - Lori Anne Rising EPISODE 26, 31st March 2021
When the Ego Falls From the Corporate Ladder
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When the Ego Falls From the Corporate Ladder

When who we are is what we do, losing what we do means we’ve lost ourselves as well. Psychic and Intuitive Coach, Chelsea Jewell, shares her journey from climbing the corporate ladder to finding and embracing her intuitive gifts. Holding a prestigious position at Coca-Cola had become her identity, so when she was suddenly laid off, she spent a lot of time wondering, “Who am I?” Listen in as we explore how an ego fall can become a grace-filled blessing. To learn more about intuitive readings and mentorship programs visit https://podspout.app/loriannerising

Guest Bio:

Chelsea Jewel is a Psychic, Intuitive Coach, and an Intuitive Astrologer who helps others awaken to their highest potential. After a 10-year career in corporate marketing, including a ‘dream job’ doing social marketing for Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup campaign, Chelsea experienced a spiritual awakening, realizing she was on a career path that didn’t feel sustainable or fulfilling anymore. Embarking on her own journey of self-discovery and healing led Chelsea to come out of the spiritual closet. Now, as the founder of Soulful Journey Coaching, Chelsea works with others who are stressed and burned out from corporate life but unsure of what’s next and uncertain about what their true Soul Purpose is. Chelsea's unique blend of psychic energy reading, astrology and coaching helps activate new levels of awareness and potential in her clients so that they leave each session feeling empowered. Learn more at www.SoulfulJourneyCoaching.com.