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Kyle Bangen-Sports Performance Supervisor for SAM Elite, Getting Into Graduate Assistantship Programs for Strength & Conditioning, Hockey Rink to Collegiate Weightroom, Conscious Coaching, Adaptability and Precision Nutrition
Episode 924th July 2020 • Blue Collar Fitness • Josh Sargeant & Connor Burton
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In this Episode Josh, Connor, Trevor, and Dave interview Kyle Bangen, Sports Performance Supervisor for SAM Elite at Samaritan Athletic Medicine in Corvallis, Oregon, about how SAM Elite started, how Kyle found his road to his current position in Strength & Conditioning, lessons from Kyle on being successful in Graduate School, starting out with Hockey, ice skating, volunteering & More. 

  • Our guest Kyle Bangen. (00:49)
  • Connor asks about SAM Elite philosophy & culture. (4:20)
  • Career road map. (8:00)
  • Dressing room workouts in British Columbia? (10:37)
  • Resources for minimalist training? (13:38)
  • Conscious Coaching by Brett Bartholomew. (15:01)
  • Functional Movement Systems. (18:37)
  • Precision Nutrition at Michigan Tech. (27:54)
  • Josh is going to this University for his Masters Degree. (29:36)
  • Kyle’s advice for Josh on Graduate School. (30:31)
  • Hockey & teaching ice skating at Miami University. (34:40)
  • How to stay within your scope of practice. (39:29)
  • Josh asks about the best rehabilitation resources. (41:36)
  • Kyle spoke at an NSCA Conference. (47:33)
  • Contact Kyle at (50:02)
  • Connor’s Internship with Kyle. (53:56)

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