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Episode 14: Fast Start Agency with Cody Weaver
Episode 143rd November 2022 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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The pandemic forced many people to shift careers, and many businesses had to quickly pivot and go online, which created opportunities for digital marketing agencies to offer various services. 

In this episode, Tom speaks with a special guest and a member of the Remote Millionaires Community, Cody Weaver. Cody went from being a trucking sales rep to a six-figure remote digital marketing agency owner within one year of doing business. His agency went from zero to 25 clients generating over 30k per month in revenue with a small yet efficient in-house team. Tune in to find out how you can do the same. 

“The biggest thing that we can do is give away something of value to our client or to the general public that's gonna draw intrigue.” (10:09)

- Cody Weaver


In This Episode:

  • Cody shares the story of how we went from trucking sales rep to remote digital agency owner 
  • What services does Cody's agency offer?
  • How Cody got his first client and how he generates new clients on an ongoing basis
  • Cody's tip on what content to post to attract potential clients and how he structured his business model
  • Why Cody prefers to do things in-house instead of outsourcing (not that there's something wrong with outsourcing)
  • Cody's advice for people who want to get their business off the ground 

And much more…

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