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Don’t Let Your Interviews Rob You of Revenue
Episode 3131st May 2021 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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In today’s episode, I’ll be addressing something that comes up a lot when I’m coaching my clients about their podcast and how to monetize it. And it can all be summarized into one short question; Are your interviews robbing you of revenue? I know. You’re wondering how your interviews can rob you of revenue. Well, the episode format you apply first of all is critical. You can’t just focus on bringing on different guests who talk about their expertise and use your podcast to market what they do. You need to mix up those interviews with your own solo shows where you talk about what you’re an expert on in a way that creates value for your audience.

It’s also necessary to control the content that your guests share on your podcast. An episode shouldn’t be just about delivering content and going about the rest of your day. I mean, it could be just that, but don’t expect to see an audience growth with that strategy. Prepare your podcast script up ahead with the intention of quickly grabbing your listeners’ attention and delivering answers. Then come up with a production schedule that will enable you to release at least two episodes a week, one interview, and one solo, because multiple-episode releases are a sure bet towards growing your podcast in the direction of successful monetization. There’s so much more about podcast monetization strategy that I'll be sharing in this episode, and it’s all for you, so make sure you tune in and apply what you learn. 

Show Highlights

  • Making a million dollars and having the best of lifestyle freedom, thanks to podcasting (01:23)
  • The role that an interview should play in helping you monetize and the framework you should use when bringing on guests (02:27)
  • Being the core expert on your podcast even when interviewing people (06:36)
  • Why hosting a guest with a huge following won’t necessarily translate into loads of listeners (07:50)
  • Applying strategy in how you name your show, interview people, and generally produce and promote it (11:09)
  • Feeding your audience with content that you’re an expert on (12:59)
  • The power of consistency and multiple mixed-format shows (13:41)
  • Improving things for your show by standing in your power and authority (17:30)
  • How to leverage your podcast the right way to bring in thousands of dollars into your business (21:15)

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