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Do You Want to Start Another Podcast? The Whys, and the Why Nots (1/2)
Episode 4410th December 2020 • Podcasting Is Punk Rock • Josh Liston from Australia
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(Part 1/2) in this episode Josh talks about why you probably should start that second, third or fourth (not fifth) Podcast you've got on your mind.

3 Reasons WHY You Should Start Another Podcast:

1. Your plan was always to start another show and for your current show just to be a learning experience. Along the same lines, you want to learn something new from your extra show and bring that knowledge back to your main show.

2. You're getting over the genre of your current show, and you want to make a graceful exit into another genre or sub-niche. 

3. You simply want to host, produce and promote more than one show, because you're passionate about multiple subject matters, and the success of one particular show means less to you than getting to talk about myriad topics across multiple shows. 

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