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Bulletproof Your Assets with Scott Royal Smith
13th January 2022 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#224: Why do rich people continue to get richer? It's because they think differently and they know how to protect their assets while generating more wealth. The more you accumulate wealth, the more you need proper legal protection. Lawsuits can ruin your business and everything you've worked for. So it is important to have strategies to protect yourself before it's too late. In this episode, Russ and Joey interview an experienced Asset Protection Lawyer Scott Royal Smith, founder of Royal Legal Solutions. Scott talks about how asset protection prevents lawsuits from wiping out your assets. His company crafts customized asset protection plans, from before a case occurs to after a judgment has been concluded.

Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: 

  1. Why it's better to control assets instead of owning them
  2. What is an LLC, and how does it work
  3. How to protect your assets

About Our Guest:

Before establishing Royal Legal Solutions, Scott Smith was an aggressive litigator. He uses a combination of his legal expertise, experience as an investor, and love of helping others grow and protect their businesses to build ironclad asset protection plans for his clients. Clients who employ Scott's strategies tend to stay out of court altogether. His primary expertise is in stopping lawsuits before they even start.

Connect with Scott Royal Smith: 

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