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Badass Asian Dudes Pursue Their Passions With Confidence (ft. B. Kim, singer/songwriter)
Episode 4130th March 2022 • Badass Asian Dudes • Badass Asian Dudes
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In this episode, we have Brian Kim (B.Kim). B.Kim is a singer-songwriter, music producer, and dancer who grew up in the Northern Virginia area. Growing up music has always been a part of his life. It all started with old-school R&B music, introduced by older friends, and K-Pop. Both of these factors are key initial influences on why B.Kim is who he is now. It wasn't until the first day of his first 9-5 job that he realized music was more than the silly song covers and troll dance videos he posted. While taking it more seriously, that's when he learned how to produce, mix, and create full songs. He has also performed live in Virginia, Washington D.C., New York City, and more both musically and with his dance team. He is now living in New York City and finding more inspiration and making more moves to eventually make music his ultimate career.

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