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#3 Google Facebook and your Tax Cut all Suck! How to deal with Iran and Meatloaf
Episode 37th January 2020 • Political Dumbass • Glenn lee alan Davis
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We prescribe Triggerol for Greta Thunberg Derrangement Syndrome sufferers (opening song). Meatloaf texts into the show to let us know how much Triggerol he needs. We discuss why Facebook and Google Suck the Big One. Your Tax Cut isn't really a cut. Its more of a gain for big corporations. You get to weigh in.

We discuss Iran. Why does Trump not believe the Intelligence Community when it came to Russia but now its 100% accurate with Iran and the plot against America.

Biden and Hannity have a push up Challenge.

Stick around till the end of the show to hear one of Donald Trumps Tweet put to music along with a special Musical Tweet from Don Jr.