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The Voice of Dog - Khaki and friends. 28th May 2021
“Jaeger” by Anhedral (part 2 of 2, read by Crimson Ruari)
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“Jaeger” by Anhedral (part 2 of 2, read by Crimson Ruari)

Cooper, our werewolf hero, is locked in aerial combat with The Red Baron. The outcome may change the very course of history itself. 

Today’s story is the second of two parts of “Jaeger” by Anhedral, a musician and writer whose short stories have appeared in ROAR and in Werewolves Versus. Most of his work can be found at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/anhedral/

Last time we left Cooper, our werewolf-hero and a skilled pilot, coerced into fighting in a human war he'd much rather avoid. He's destroyed a squadron of enemy planes on the ground, but now he's locked in deadly combat with the dreaded Red Baron high above the fields of war-torn France.  Things are not going well...

Today’s story will also be read for you by Crimson Ruari, the Mountain Smith.