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Thinking of planning your alpaca year
Episode 2613rd January 2024 • Alpaca Tribe • Steve Heatherington
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Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode, we start the year with intention. With a plan of when we will do the alpaca things that need to be done this coming year.

What needs to be done and when? What will you do on March 17th? OK, so that is too detailed. What will you do in January is a better question. Plan by the month but recognise there is a need for flexibility. We will not let things slide, but we will pivot and Pirouette when we need to.

As well as practical things like toenails, worming and shearing, remember to include things that will move you forward as a herd. What handling do I need to do with my alpacas and what experience or training do I need to include for me to be a more confident and fulfilled owner of happy and healthy alpacas?

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed it.

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