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What Is Mortgage Note Investing? Interview With A Real Estate Mortgage Note Investor
Episode 41st February 2022 • The Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast) • Jerome Lewis
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REmarketing Podcast Interview Scott Slackter, Mortgage Note Investor


Scott's Bio:

Scott is a highly focused professional working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. He has been engaged in the field for 16 years and has a prior 4 years of experience in IT as a cybersecurity professional. His experience includes reviewing and analyzing data and other information that lead to formulating plans of action to ensure progress. His focus is always centered around risk management and beneficial outcomes for everyone he works with. His experience in behavior analysis gives him the ability to adapt to changing situations which makes him good at making decisions in many conditions.

He loves creating passive and stable investments for himself and the people he works with. His experience has given him the ability to quickly find the best solutions to people’s needs with their investing goals. He also enjoys showing real estate investors how to creatively structure a property purchase in a way that removes as much risk and out-of-pocket cash as possible.


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