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Season 2 Episode 27: Sandy Williams and Abbott Elementary
Episode 2725th September 2022 • Queernundrum Podcast • Holly Greystone and Gary Thoren
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Civil rights activist and journalism entrepreneur Sandy Williams died on Sept. 5, she and her partner Patricia Hicks, were two of the 10 passengers on board the seaplane that went down in the Puget Sound, west of Whidbey Island. They were on their way back to Spokane after vacationing, celebrating Sandy’s 61st birthday early.

We talk about her work leading the black newspaper, Black Lens and how she was an advocate for youth, African American, LBGTQ, helped establish the Pride Center at Eastern Washington University and more.

We closeout the episode with little light heartedness from Gary who found a new show called Abbott Elementary on ABC.

Show Links:

Black Lens

Carl Maxey Center =

Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

Odyssey Youth Center

Pride Center at Eastern Washington University

9/5/22 Breaking News:

Murder of Matthew Shepard

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