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Wanna Grab Coffee? - Robert Greiner, Charles Knight, Igor Geyfman EPISODE 25, 25th January 2021
#025 - PERMA-V: Vitality, Energy, and Rest
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#025 - PERMA-V: Vitality, Energy, and Rest

Today we wrap up our series on PERMA-V and wellbeing by talking about the final component Vitality.

We really like the idea of Vitality as a term over Health because Vitality implies energy applied to life and doing the things required to have enough energy to reach your full potential. Health is very important but is traditionally focused on preventative measures - avoiding sickness, etc.

We also discuss seven different types of rest from a great TED talk by Dr. Sandra Dalton-Smith: https://ideas.ted.com/the-7-types-of-rest-that-every-person-needs/

  • Physical Rest - what we normally think of, sleeping/napping
  • Mental Rest - Slow down, take breaks, get thoughts out of your head through journaling, etc.
  • Sensory Rest - Take a break from screens
  • Creative Rest - Activities that re-awaken the awe and wonder inside each of us
  • Emotional Rest - Having time and space to express your feelings
  • Social Rest - Focusing on relationships that revive us
  • Spiritual Rest - Connecting beyond the physical

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