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Welcome to "It's How Old?!" - Celebrating Pop Culture's Biggest Birthdays!
Trailer6th March 2023 • It's How Old?! • Mark Asquith - Nerd Podcasts
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Do you remember being made an offer you can’t refuse? Believing a man can fly or fist pumping as you perfected your first ever “Hadouken”?

As sure as nostalgia makes us all feel like our past selves over and over again, the movies, TV shows, games, and music that turned us into the adults that we are today age just as quickly as we do.

It’s with shock and a smile that we realise that our favourite pieces of pop culture are celebrating huge milestone birthdays and what better way to enjoy those birthdays than by revisiting these revered parts of our collective history and digging into what makes them so special to us, to our friends and to the world.

Welcome to “It’s How Old?!”, the podcast celebrating pop culture’s biggest birthdays!

I’m your host, Mark Asquith, self-certified geek and co-founder of the Nerd Podcasts network. You can find “It’s How Old?!” in your podcast app of choice and listen for free there or at

Each season I’m joined by specially selected co-hosts who help me to dive deep into the pop culture icons that are celebrating specific, surprising birthdays and we can’t wait for you to take a journey back through time with us to celebrate your favourites, too.

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