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153. From Stressed Entrepreneur to Influential Leaders: What You Need to Know to Lead Well This Year
Episode 1539th January 2023 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Are you “running” your business; are you “running” your family? Well no more, because it's time to lead!

This is your year to lead, so no more operating day-to-day or even quarter-to-quarter, no more spinning your wheels or constantly feeling behind, wondering what you need to do to move the dial.

I'm not really into the whole New Year, New You thing because it doesn't really account for all the work that's required to become an elevated version of yourself. But I am behind making a shift from stressed-out-and-spread-thin business owner and parent into the leader you're called to be.

So, today's episode is all about how to shift fully into leadership this year, how to choose to lead and what that looks like. If you are ready to step into your next level, to feel aligned and connected, to know you're in the right place, working towards the right things then this episode’s for you.


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