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Introducing B2B Content Strategist: Our New Podcast is Live!
Episode 23428th April 2022 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Get ready for more conversations with B2B content marketing leaders. B2B Content Strategist, our brand-new podcast is now live!

Tune in to this special, celebratory episode of The Content 10x Podcast as we share why we’ve decided to launch a sister podcast and get an exclusive look at the content that’s coming soon.

Amy Woods is a content repurposing expert and the CEO and Founder of Content 10x–a specialist content repurposing agency helping tech and professional services businesses worldwide repurpose their content. Amy is a best-selling author, hosts two content marketing podcasts (The Content 10x Podcast and B2B Content Strategist), and speaks on stages all over the world about the power of content repurposing.

Find out:

  • Why we’re launching B2B Content Strategist and what it means for The Content 10x Podcast
  • How B2B Content Strategist differs, and what’s in store
  • Sneak peeks at interviews with leading B2B content marketers

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