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Fat Girl Talking: Finding a Voice in Podcasting
16th November 2021 • The Fattest Girl in the Room • HelloTaee
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Let's be honest, I started podcasting because an audio-first platform is a little more comfortable for a fat girl than a YouTube channel. And podcasting has been a great, comfortable way for me to get my voice out there without going too far outside of my comfort zone.

Continuing on my journey of introducing/re-introducing myself, I thought I’d talk about how and why I ended up podcasting in the first place. And how it’s helped me feel more confident (even if I’m still not quite ready to start a YouTube challenge).

We're talking about how to deal with people who suck on the internet, and how you can go about finding your own voice. I think it's important that everyone has a chance to find their own voice — so that's what we're talking about today.

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