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S4 EP124: Alana May Lanzon: Nine births/Freebirth/Precipitous Labour/Posterior Baby/Hospital Births/Premature Birth/Antepartum Haemorrhage
Episode 1244th August 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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On today's episode, we explore the fascinating journey of Alana and her nine birth experiences. Alana grew up in a community where natural, undisturbed births were celebrated as the norm, fostering a positive outlook on childbirth. Witnessing her close friend giving birth further deepened her understanding of the process and prepared her for her own journey into motherhood.

Alana's initiation into motherhood was a deeply sacred and intimate experience as she gave birth at home, with only her husband by her side. Her following births echoed a similar pattern, with swift arrivals earthside. However, the birth of her fifth child, brought forth new challenges as Alana experienced intense pain due to her baby's posterior position, leaving her with some apprehension for her next labor.

During her seventh pregnancy, complications arose when she experience an antepartum haemorrhage, leading to an emergency transfer from her rural hospital for a managed delivery. This was the first time Alana gave birth without her husband's presence. Although her next birth in a hospital went smoothly without any interventions, she felt a disconnect and missed the sense of sacredness she experienced when birthing at home.

Alana began her ninth pregnancy with hospital care but eventually decided to follow her instincts and return to her birthing roots. Today we hear the profound reflections and lessons Alana learned from her unique birth experiences, and how her husband's gentle reassurance that she had everything she needed within her, served as a guiding light when overwhelmed at the thought of birthing without him.

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