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Roseland Podcast - Roseland Podcast EPISODE 23, 22nd August 2020
Exploring the history of Place with Nigel Hare-Scott
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Exploring the history of Place with Nigel Hare-Scott

Welcome to another episode of the Roseland Podcast 

I’m Chloe, your host.

In today’s episode:

  • We’re diving once more into the history of the Roseland, this time focusing on Place and St Anthony with Nigel Hare-Scott

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Interview time!

Time to find out about some of the amazing things that have happened at Place over the years.


You can get Nigel’s book “The Story of Place House” from St Mawes Post Office and the Gerrans Heritage Centre

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Our most popular so far is with Peter Teague and Pete Newman talking about D Day - episode 8.

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Be kind and stay safe.