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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 41, 2nd June 2021
Paving The Future Of The Workforce Through SAAS - With Carla Serra
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Paving The Future Of The Workforce Through SAAS - With Carla Serra

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Carla Serra.

Carla Serra is the founder of the Futturwork project and a talent management industry expert. She has spent the past 10 years implementing SAAS software with global enterprises and has now made it her mission to work with scaling SAAS start-ups to implement the right HR strategy from the get go.

Why you've got to check out Carla's episode:

- Hear how Carla supports the B2B SAAS industry and has made it her mission to change the way employers and HR Software providers design the future of work. 

- Understand the biggest challenges of the scaling SAAS startup looking to hire and retain top talent and how HR Software Providers are facing such a competitive market, and how Carla can help these companies define a better strategy for their minimal viable product.

- Learn why the cost of hiring and the risk of losing talent has a huge impact and risk for their business as investors will be seeing a close eye on their team. And how the risk is high for another HR / Talent tool that doesn't have a competitive advantage.

- Discover how both of Carla's categories of clients need to be pioneers in their industry and what opportunities are out there for SAAS startups and HR Software Providers.

- Get access to and book a free 30 minute Futturwork strategy call with Carla using the below link.

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